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James C, San Jose, CA

As an engineer in silicon valley, I have spent decades either on a computer or traveling overseas for builds, which has taken its toll on my body and my mind: stress, high blood pressure, back pain, hip name it, I have had it. 


I was introduced to Dr Youngsu Lyu two years ago and after his assessment of my overall condition, he knew exactly where to start working and what duration would be needed.  It has been two years now, and I have to say, thanks to the knowledge and care that Dr Youngsu Lyu has taken to for me, most of those ailments are gone: I have lost weight, and feel better than I have in ages. 

 David V, Mountainview, CA

"I came to Dr. Lyu to help correct a "common" affliction that affects people in my field....the dreaded engineer's hump!  After decades of sitting at a computer workstation working on CAD, my posture suffered and I developed the "hump". Based on the recommendation from my wife,


I started treatment for this, as well as an alignment issue with my hip.

Dr. Lyu's steady and consistent treatments have markedly improved both conditions. I like that Dr. Lyu approaches his therapies from the whole body point of view, as your body is a system of interconnected systems. While he targets specific areas, he considers the whole body and its well-being in his therapies.


I highly recommend Dr. Lyu!"

 Sean K, Monterey, CA

My son is a patient of Dr. Young-su Lyu on the recommendation of a mutual friend. My son has suffered from both ADD-inattentive and executive function disorder for most of his 14 years. While he seemed to had mostly grown out of most of his symptoms, he still hadn't "rounded the curve", struggling in areas of focus, organization and keeping deadlines.

Dr. Lyu treated him several times with nasal specific treatment (cranial adjusting). Honestly, I was a little apprehensive with this treatment initially, as a quick online search will show a mixed bag of opinions, positive and negative. Dr. Lyu was very open from the beginning, providing case studies and other literature showing the benefits of NST, as well as testimonials from past clients.

My son showed a good amount of improvement in his studies during and after the treatments. His GPA improved from about a 3.00 to a 3.75. Furthermore, he seemed more focused and more determined to bring his grades up. He just finished the school year, making honor roll for the first time.

Dr. Lyu is extremely professional and eager to help his patients. His great demeanor is infectious. Where most medical professionals just see another body coming through the door, I think Dr. Lyu truly values his patients, empathizes with their issues and rejoices in their recovery. My wife and I gladly recommend Dr. Lyu.

 Taejin C,  San Jose, CA

I have visited doctor Lyu since this February. I had lower back pain that I couldn’t find the exact reason. Unlike other Doctors who are only interested in fast rotation, doctor Lyu sincerely cared about my pain and did his best to find the root cause.


He spent enough time with me to discuss about our treatment plan and, based on my daily medical report to him, he made proper change to the plan. Even though my back is not fully recovered, there has been great improvements on my back and I believe it will be fully healed soon. 

Taejin C, San Jose, CA

 Ashley A, San Jose, CA

허리가 아파 이곳에 오기전 일년을 매주 침을  맞았는데, 침을 통해 진통은 없애주있으나 근본적인 원인 치료가 필요한듯 싶어 다른 곳을 찿고 있던 중 여기를  어떤 분에게 소개를 받고 오게 되었습니다.

늘 아프기도 했지만 또 항상 뻣뻣하게 느껴지고 항상 조심스럽게 움직여야했던 허리가 이 곳에서  치료를 받으면서 많이 부드러워졌고 무엇보다도 내 몸에 무리없이 치료해 주시니 당장 아픈 이유는 물론 근본적인 이유를 찿아 치료를 해 주셔서 전체적인 몸의 상태가 전보다 아주 편안하고 부드러운 상태가 되었습니다.


치료를 해 주시는 선생님께서도 전에 많이 아프셨다고 하시는데, 그래서인지 한 사람 한사람 환자의 아픔과 불편함을 더더욱  이해하시며 조금이나마 하루라도 빨리 나아지기를 바라시는 한결같은 마음으로  치료 해 주시는 그 마음이 느껴져 환자에게 믿음과 신뢰감뿐만 아니라, 또한, 몸의 회복을 느끼며 만족하고 오히려 지금은 감사하는 마음으로 치료를 계속 받고 있습니다.

Jiyoung C, San Jose, CA

I love that Dr. Lyu finds the main root of my problems, not just treat my symptoms. Often, I realize I don't have that problems and pain anymore used to ringer around all the time. You too will experience Dr. Lyu's gentle and precise therapies.

Heijoo P, Milpitas, CA

저는 약 2, 3주 전, 뒷 차가 저의 차를 박는 일이 생겼어요. 제 차의 범퍼가 떨어지고, 트렁크가 찌그러진 사고였는데, 제 차에 동승자도 함께 타고 있었어요. 걱정되는 마음에 같이 닥터 류 선생님께 진료를 받으러 갔죠.

저는 가벼운 허리 통증과 무릎이 다쳐 진료를 받고, 동승자도 허리, 어깨를 진료 받게 되었어요.동승자는 허리의 통증으로 잠을 잘 때 불편한 감이 있을 정도 였는데, 대략 3, 4번 정도 진료를 받고 난 후, 지금은 일자로 누워 잘 수 있게 되었어요. 또한 저는 무릎의 통증으로 꾸부려 앉는 걸 못 했었는데, 지금은 앉았다 일어났다가 원활히 잘 할 수 있게 됐어요. 걸을 때도 아팠던 무릎과 허리가 지금은 가볍게 뛸 수 있다는 게 짧은 시간내에 일어난 일이라 너무나 신기했어요.

동승자는 사고 당시, 삐뚤게 앉아 있어서 허리가 틀어졌었는데 이 진료를 받고 난 후, 키가 1센티 이상 커졌네요.  정말 부러워서 원..

저나 동승자나, 이제는 앉거나 누워있을 때 '아프다, 뻐근하다' 같은 얘기는 꺼내지도 않고 있는 상황이 되었어요. 정말 정성 껏, 환자들을 진료해주시고, 저희의 건강을 되찾아 주신 선생님을 만날 수 있게 되어 진심으로 감사드려요.

Seryun H, Santa Clara, CA

저는 세아이를 둔 30대 후반 여자입니다. 자가 면역 질환과 경미한 목 디스크로 몸이 많이 망가진 상태로 병원을 다녔지만 정확한 병명과 나아짐 없이 병원예약과 진료비에 힘들어 하다가 친구의 추천으로 선생님을 만나고 진료를 보았는데 처음 진료부터 다른 보통 의사와는 달리 저의 증상을 차근차근 잘 들어주시고 정확한 진단을 위해 초진에 성의를 다하시는 모습에 미국병원과 한국병원을 전전하던 저는 마음이 놓이면서 믿음이 생기고 선생님이 추천해주신 건강식,운동과 치료로 몸이 많이 좋아져서 병원도 안가고 일상생활도 활기차게 잘 하고 있습니다.

주변 친한 친구들에게도 많이 소개해 주었는데 어떠한 카이로프렉터나 다른 맛사지하고는 차원이 다른 진료와 결과를 볼 수 있다며 소개에 만족 하였습니다. 저도 선생님 자신의 경험에서 나온 건강비결과 전문적인 진료로 빠른 시일내에 몸이 회복되어 너무 감사합니다.

Philip F, Mountainview, CA

I've been coming to Dr. Lyu for roughly 3 months. He is a knowledgeable doctor who truly cares about his patients. When providing treatment he focuses on a holistic approach. He helps me understand how my body works and teaches me to care for my body. Highly recommend!

Doungyoung C, San Jose, CA

류영수 선생님을  처음 찾은것은 오랜만에 테니스를 치다가 어깨를 다친 2018년 가을이었습니다. 첫 치료날 다친 어깨뿐만아니라, 온 몸에대한 체크를 받았습니다. 그날 이후 지금까지 매일 매일 식단과 몸 상태에 대해 상담을 받고 있습니다.


그 결과로 평소 굉장히 높았던 혈압은 정상으로 돌아왔고 불편하던 어깨, 아래쪽 허리와 목은 완전히 편해 졌습니다. 체중은 20kg 이상 감량 되었고요.


제가 류영수 선생님께 1년동안 치료받으면서 꾸준히 느꼈던 점은, 이 분은 사람의 몸에 대해 끊임 없이 공부하고 연구하고 열린 마음으로 환자의 증상을 관찰하며 이를 통해 회복시키려는 의지와 열정이 대단 하신다는 것입니다. 그 덕분에 저 또한 건강 전반에 대한 관심과 이해가 높아 졌고, 예전 보다 훨씬 자신감있고 에너지 넘치는 삶으로 바뀔 수 있었습니다.


류영수 선생님을 만날 수 있던건 제 인생에 있어서 큰 행운입니다.

(English translation provided by the patient's wife)

I’ve been seeing Dr. Lyu since last September when I had injured my shoulder while playing tennis. After an intensive diagnostic process during my first visit, he introduced a program which is not only designed to treat my shoulder but also to improve my overall health.


By seeing him once a week and diligently following his guidance, the pain on my right shoulder, lower back and the neck was completely gone. Also, my chronic high blood pressure dropped to a normal level. Most importantly, I can enjoy my normal weight after losing 45 pounds. Now, I am maintaining my best physical condition ever.


What makes Dr. Lyu so special is that his extensive knowledge encompassing the east and the west medicine provides his patients with the right treatment customized to their needs. He constantly strives to reinvent himself by accommodating the most up to date care through attending workshops and seminars to better serve his patients.


To me, Dr. Lyu is not only my chiropractor but also my primary doctor. Whenever I have issues from body aches to digestion and headache, he gives the answer.


Now I became more aware of my health and understand better of my body. I start each day with more energy and with confidence.


It is my greatest luck to find Dr. Lyu.

Anna M, Newark, CA

I was referred to Dr. Lyu by a friend. He is very knowledgeable in what he does. He takes time to make an accurate diagnosis. The initial exam is very much worth it. He checks everything. He sincerely cares for a patient's overall well-being. As long as you are willing to be cooperative and are committed follow his instructions, he will help you get better and you will see a great result. I highly recommend him if you are looking for someone who cares and knows how to treat you properly.

John Rhee, Fort Worth, TX

As a college student, I was involved in an accident that totaled my car. Luckily, I walked out with no broken bones or bruises, only a bloody nose. My body seemed fine, and I lived my life normally for years after, until I realized things weren't normal as I thought. I faced depression in the years after, my body frequently ached, and was chronically fatigued. When i went to the doctors for these problems, they never connected the symptoms to the accident. So I was oblivious to the underlying conditions of my body. About 5 years after the car accident, I had a back injury that led me to Dr. Lyus treatment. 


After the first evaluation, Dr. Lyu helped me piece together why my body had been ill for so long. His explanation of how the impact of the accident had led to my underlying conditions were eye-opening. Each treatment was effective, and I felt the relief of pain after every session. 


Dr. Lyu is the most holistic chiropractor I have yet met, as there aren't many doctors that are open to medicinal philosophies different from their training. He has incorporated creatively, treatment methods that are results-based, anatomically and biologically sensible, and scientifically testable. What amazes me is his continual passion to not only serve and restore others' bodies, but also his growing desire to increase his knowledge and understanding of the body. 


I have strong belief that Dr. Lyu's practice will continue to develop to bring not only satisfaction, but a true restoration of the body. As I recommend my families and friends to his practice, the recommendation extends to everyone else.

Kelly Sung-Ji P, San Jose, CA

I visited Dr. Young for hip and knee pain caused by sport injuries over the years. First visit was full examination of entire body and consultation. This was very necessary step and benefited me greatly as I was able to understand the fundamental cause of the pain I had for years in different part of my body. After visiting Dr. Young for many session, the pain was well managed and I was also able to self-correct myself in habitual posture issues. Dr. Young is truly full of knowledge and enthusiasm about his patients both physically and mentally. I really appreciate his practice. 

Tim Bumsuk K, San Jose, CA

한쪽 다리가 저리고 목과 팔이 불편하였었는데, 증상이 심하지는 않았지만 수년이 되어서 그런가보다 하면서 살고 있었습니다. 우연히 지인께소개를 받아서 크게 기대는 하지 않고 진료를 해 보기로 했었습니다. 


선생님께서는 근본적인 인체의 기능과 제가 가지고 있는 증상의 원인을 논리적으로 설명해 주시면서, 치료에 대한 방향을 먼저 제시해 주시고, 그에 따라서 저의 피드백을 참고하여서 치료해 나가셨습니다. 


치료를 하면서 몸이 부드러워지고 나아지는 것을 느끼면서도 여행 다녀오거나 하면 다시 안좋아지고 해서 인내심이 필요했었습니다. 선생님께서는 그럴 때마다, 특히 몸에 대한 건강은 단순한 원인에 있지 않고, 지속적으로 생활 습관에 신경쓰지 않으면, 단시간에 나을 수도 있지만 다시복귀된다는 사실을 주의 시키시면서 끊임없이 설명과 치료를 통해서 동기부여를 해 주셨습니다. 


현재는 완벽하지는 않지만, 처음 진료 받을 때보다는 많이 좋아졌고, 스스로 몸을 잘 보호하는 습관을 가지게 된 것으로도 선생님께 감사드리고, 다른 기회에 여건이 된다면 나머지 2% 진료를 위해서 내방할 계획입니다. 

Hwayeon C, Manila, Philippines

I highly recommend Dr. Lyu for anyone who has any kind of physical discomfort. I had skin trouble, backbone imbalance, shoulder pain, neck pain and allergies. They were problems I could live with but they gave me so much stress.


I told Dr. Lyu all the discomforts I have. He cares well for his patients’ health condition. His treatment may combine multiple medical practices to solve his patient’s discomforts. He told me to log all the foods I intake everyday. He analyzed and figured out what foods were causing my skin problems. His treatments resolved backbone imbalance and pains on my shoulder and neck. My allergy also got better after following his remedies.  Additionally, he may give take home remedies to improve quality of life.   He is a doctor who cares about his patients. Highly recommended!!!

Rachel O, Fremont, CA

I had a fungus virus on my feet for an incredibly long time. I went to the dermatologist, used countless over the counter medicines and products that guaranteed to cure my problem. But nothing worked permanently. The virus always came back until I came here.

My mom told Dr. Lyu of my dilemma and then brought me to Five Balance Health Center saying that he could help. I didn't expect much because I had already lost all hope. But I soaked my feet in this solution that he made himself, and within two weeks, my feet were PERFECTLY normal. I thought it would go away like other products but I was blown away by the results. It was truly a miracle! 

He also shared with me meditation exercises for energy and circulation and it really helps my blood flow and wakes my brain up in the morning.

Ryan K, San Jose, CA

Recently I've started coming to this chiropractor, and my injuries from sports have drastically gotten better. Dr. Lyu is super good at everything he does, and takes consideration of all health issues including ones you don't ask about.

Hailey P, Fremont, CA

I proudly said Dr. Lyu is the best chiropractor ever I've met!

I had a car accident on Nov, 2018. I wasn't able to sit or sleep properly because of my back and shoulders issue. I was introduced from my friend who knew Dr. Lyu for several years. I had a couple of experience with other chiropractor but Dr. Lyu's treatments were very new and different.  The first day, I told him all my discomforts and had almost 2 hours thorough checkup to understand my body. I had 3.5 months with him and I'm totally over it now! My car accident was unfortunate but it was FORTUNATE to meet him. 

I plan to keep seeing him at least twice a month to adjust my body from the bad posture from my daily life. I also plan to bring my parents when they are visiting me for a vacation.

He really cares about his patients. You will love his treatment as I did! 200% sure!