Auto Accident Injury Diagnosis & Treatment

Auto accident injury?We deal with patients in all aspects to improve the condition. 99% of our patients come back to us for different treatment or to refer other patients to us. 

If you've been in a car crash, you know how painful and disruptive these kinds of injuries can be. Millions of people are hurt in auto collisions each year, and some people suffer for decades with chronic pain even after a "minor" collision.

Dr. Youngsu Lyu has helped many people recover from injuries suffered during a crash and prevent the development of long-term symptoms.

The most common types of problems experienced after a crash are those that originate in the neck and spine which are the exact area of the body that chiropractic excels at healing but, a lot of times, the symptoms can be complicated. The holistic care that we apply to each treatment is the perfect approach to dealing with auto injury pain.

The following is the most common symptoms experience after a crash and we have many successful cases of the rehabilitation of the patients.


It's important not to wait to get care. Research shows that early treatment is important in avoiding the development of long-term symptoms.


We specialize in rooting out how injury occured in an accident and how to help you get better.


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Car accident injuries? Looking for the best chiropractor in San Jose who can give you the exact care you need?

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