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What Makes Us Different

We offer holistic chiropractic care and specialize in analyzing and integrating the causes of your symptoms looking at key elements of your health; brain, bone structure, soft tissue, nutrition, and energy level of your body. We don't just adjust your joints but boost the recovery of your muscles and the regeneration of your cells. That's how we can get you better results and make you walk out of our office with a smile.

We believe that a whole person is made up of interdependent parts and maintaining the balance in bone structure, soft tissue, nutrition, energy (qi), and brain is the key to live a healthier and longer life. Five Balance Health Center specializes in diagnosing and treating your health conditions with proven scientific and neurological approaches. That’s how we can create customized treatment plans and improve your overall health. 

Making a successful diagnosis is a fundamental component of the delivery of health.  

When your chiropractor approaches your health condition with treating the cause of your complaints, rather than just treat symptoms, the overall cost of your care is a significantly better value. Getting an effective treatment depends on identifying the right problem. Our unique approach to analyze health issues enables it. Dr. Lyu, the founder of Five Balance Health Center, is a neuro-musculoskeletal Chiropractor with experiences as a scientist and an endless learner in the fields of functional neurology and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Each problem will be analyzed and diagnosed with scientific methodologies.

We treat people not just symptoms. 

Five Balance Health Center offers comprehensive orthopedic tests along with thorough muscle tests from applied kinesiology. This holistic approach to the health problem generates better results. It can not only transform your health and well-being but also help you become more complete as a whole person and live a healthier life. treat you with various techniques and knowledge practicing Gonstead, KST, NST, Smart Tools, Extremity adjusting, Cold Laser Therapy, Thai traditional medical Massage, Medical Qigong practice and many other soft tissue works. We also offer no-crack gentle adjustments and realignment with no popping, cracking, or discomfort. 

We are experienced in treating rare and complex conditions.

Once we identify the root causes, we can get to work and fix them without expensive surgeries, which will allow your body to begin healing. We don't just adjust but recover your joints and muscles and regenerate your cells. What might have taken several months can be in a shorter time here. Your experience can be inspiring and the results will be life-changing.


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