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What causes soft tissue imbalance?

‘Soft imbalance’ occurs when opposing muscles provide different directions of tension due to tightness and/or weakness. 

Soft tissue is composed of muscle, ligament, tendon, and fascia.
Common causes of soft tissue imbalances are 
  • ​poor muscle development
  • poor life style habits
  • micro-traumas caused by wearing bad shoes, sitting at your desk for too long, or chronic repetitive stresses such as typing
  • acute or chronic localized injuries that are more obvious and include the common muscle strain, a twisted ankle, or traumatizing a muscle from a fall or whiplash-type injury in a car accident
  • chronic and acute illness including diabetes (reduces neuromuscular function), sarcopenia (reduced muscle bulk with aging), chronic inflammation and related conditions (arthritis, obesity, and many illnesses resulting in significantly reduced physical activity)
  • neurological disorders that include brain injuries (such as Parkinson’s disease, stroke, birth trauma, head trauma), and spinal cord injuries (serious trauma that damages the spine affecting the spinal cord such as an auto, bike, or swimming accident)
  • nutritional factors such as low dietary protein, dehydration, anemia, low blood sugar, and general malnutrition.
  • pain whether from unknown sources, or chronic or acute pain from an injury or illness, the presence of pain itself can produce muscle imbalance maintaining a vicious cycle of cause and effect
  • physical, chemical and mental stress can directly and indirectly cause muscle imbalance through mechanical and chemical means.
We can restore the soft tissue imbalance with techniques using Rapid Release, Vibracussor, Thai Medical Massage therapy, Acupressure, Smart Tool Therapy and Low Level Laser.